Episode #53 - Band Of Bullies - 
When you feel like giving up...
Wendy talks about to do when you feel that Endometriosis is overwhelming, people around you are bullying you and feel like giving up.

How 'Bullies' masquerade in many forms and prey on women with Endometriosis. Learn how to protect and support yourself against them.

Endometriosis is a multiple level and complex condition affected by The 5 P's (Poisons) in society.

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Episode #52 - Good Food For Life - Lydia Puller
We all know that we are what we eat but equally how slipping into bad eating habits can make you sick and your body more inflamed.

Wendy talks with Lydia Puller who is a plant based expert, who shares her story of how she transformed her health after swapping from the packaged and preservative filled 'dead' food to super tasty 'live' green food - for a lot less money than you might imagine. 

Learn more about Plant Based Food For Life with Lydia at https://www.plantbasedfoodforlife.com 

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Episode #51 - The 8 Legged Octopus
Anxiety and depression may be common symptoms with Endometriosis; which given the debilitating nature of the condition it is really not that surprising. However, Wendy shares the simple effect tips she uses to allow her to say good-bye to these symptoms along with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis - naturally. 

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Episode #50 - Dr Tony Coope (MD)
Wendy K Laidlaw interviews Dr Tony Coope (MD) from the UK who has over 20 years experience in general practice, as well as a hospital doctor, covering the specialities of medicine, surgery, paediatrics, geriatrics and emergency/trauma medicine. 

Many years ago Dr Coope left general practice to explore an Integrated Medical approach to healing naturally including the use of nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones, botanicals as well as complex homeopathy and the use of sound and monochromatic light in healing.

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Episode #49 - Are You A Rain Drop?
Wendy shares the parable of The Little Raindrop; a lovely tale of how the raindrop over comes its fear, anxiety and trepidation - to become something even more magical.

Do you believe that Endometriosis (or Adenomyosis) has shown up in your body for a reason or greater purpose?

Perhaps you are on the wrong path so the aim is to listen to your instincts and listen to the small voice within - and learn how to take back your power.

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Episode #48 - Tim Shurr - Power Of Your Mind
Wendy interviews Tim Shurr who is an author, world renowned TedX speaker and influential coach on Mind Control.

Are you curious how to control your (monkey) mind, unsettling thoughts and uncomfortable feelings?

Some women with Endometriosis have had unsupportive and destructive upbringings perhaps in a toxic family environment. Combined with The 5 P’s (Poisons) some don’t get the support and love they deserve leaving them feeling lost alone and depressed.

However you have much more control than you know. It wasn’t your fault growing up but now you came make some positive impacts to help relieve distress. 

Learn how to increase your awareness of your current mindset by discovering some amazing tools to help you positively change your thoughts on the fun and positive 21 Day Challenge.

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Episode #47 - Stacey - 3 Years & Thriving
Wendy K Laidlaw interviews Stacey from USA some 3 years after she finished the 12 Week Online Foundation Program to see that she is still thriving - and share in her continuing progress.

Stacey was also interviewed a few years ago after she had successfully eliminated her Endometriosis, pelvic pain, bladder pressure and infertility - and a few months afterwards fell pregnant with Madeline - the beautiful baby girl that doctors said she would never have.

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Episode #46 - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
How to protect yourself from medical wolves…

Following the recent arrest in America of 60 doctors and pharmacists for over prescribing opioid medications, learn how to protect yourself in future and discern between those who have your best interests and those who don’t.

A special Do’s & Dont's With Doctors has been created for this podcast. If you would like to receive a free copy please email Support@HealEndometriosisNaturally.com and title the email "FREE Download".

Episode #45 - Dr Sarah Myhill (MD)
Wendy interviews the world renowned medical doctor Sarah Myhill from UK. Dr Myhill is a British doctor running her own specialist M.E./Chronic Fatigue clinic in Wales and author of 8 books.

Dr Myhill personally assisted Wendy in the final stages of her journey in diagnosing a Mitochondrial dysfunction using a pioneering blood test she developed with a private lab.  

Wendy previously had one of the lowest mitochondrial scores Dr Myhill had seen in her career, yet Wendy was able to come back from the depths of near organ failure to help other women around the world heal naturally. 

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Episode #44 -  Liking Yourself
Wendy discusses the pathway to liking yourself and the importance of it in your healing journey.  Sometimes history and conditioning project toxic and false beliefs upon you and now is the time to replace them with positive and empowering ones.

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Episode #43 -  Tali's Yoga
Wendy interviews one of her Yoga teachers, Tali from Edinburgh, who shares the secrets and benefits of the practise of Yoga; and how it helped her heal her mind and body on her own journey.

You can learn more about Tali's Yoga at https://www.talisyoga.com

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Episode #42 -  Exercise & Endometriosis
Ever wondered what to do about exercise when you have Endometriosis and are suffering pelvic pain?  

Wendy answers all your questions and gives you some suggestions and guidance on how to work with your body.

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Episode #41 -  New Mitomic Test - Hope Saves Lives
The recent announcement by MDNA Life sciences that they have developed a new blood test to diagnose Endometriosis, has raised hopes for millions of women and is expected to be available by the end of 2019.

Wendy has received many questions from followers and has prepared a special FREE Q&A report to share her hopes about how this advancement may benefit you (if you are struggling to get a diagnosis), your daughters and granddaughters. 

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Episode #40 -  Meet Gratitude Guru, Carla White
Wendy K Laidlaw interviews The Gratitude Guru, Carla White, who talks about the positive and impactful nature of journaling and giving gratitude to what is going well in our lives.  

At a time where your body may feel out of control, start to direct more of your attention to what you can influence to help start your new journey to healing naturally.

Download Carla's App 'The Gratitude Journal on iTunes.

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Episode #39 -  Sensitivity Is Your Strength
"You Are Too Sensitivity" is a phrase that is often thrown around like it is a bad characteristic for a women with Endometriosis - yet hear how that sensitivity helped Wendy, and may help you, to be the gateway to a pain-free body and learning how to put Endometriosis into remission...

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Episode #38 -  I Think About You All The Time
Wendy shares how her mind is constantly consumed with thoughts of how to SHARE her incredible success of putting Endometriosis and Adenomyosis into remission after 33 years - and now she is helping other women around the world achieve the same results.  

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Episode #37 -   Dr TJ Woodham Interviews Wendy
Dr TJ Woodham on his podcast called the Unleashed Human as he is astounded by the pain and suffering women with Endometriosis have had to endure.

Wendy share her strategies, principles and Laidlaw Protocols that have helped her put her Stage IV Endometriosis and Adenomyosis into remission - and how she is helping women all over the world do the same.

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Episode #36 - Dr Melissa Kalt (MD)
Listen to Wendy K Laidlaw interview Dr Melissa Kalt who is a medical doctor from USA who has helped many women regain energy after chronic fatigue, find greater clarity in their lives and their purpose, whilst keeping the body in balance and in health. Read Dr Melissa's book at Releasethesymptoms.com or find out more at Melissakaltmd.com.

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Episode #35 - Julie Cassidy - Another Success Story 
With Heal Endometriosis Naturally & Wendy K Laidlaw
Julie had suffered from Endometriosis for over 20 years and had been bedridden with debilitating pain and IUD side effects for almost 18 months - now she is pain-free and symptom-free.

She reached out to me after watching the FREE Web Class Webinar and joined the life changing online 12 Week Foundation Program where she continued onto the 10 Week Advanced Program.

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Episode #34 - Dr Thomas Woodham Interview With Wendy K Laidlaw, 
Listen to Wendy K Laidlaw interviews Dr Thomas Woodham who is a successful chiropractic doctor from USA who has helped many people with various skin conditions heal naturally. You can get a FREE copy of his book here https://www.theunleashedhuman.com/freebook.

To learn more about how to heal your Endometriosis naturally get your FREE paperback copy at Https://HealEndometriosisNaturallyBook.com (just pay shipping).
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