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'Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery' Book 
shows you how to: 

 Eliminate underlying triggers of Endometriosis 
Identify, reduce and then get rid of debilitating pain within three/four menstrual cycles*

Dissolve and eliminate endometriomas/ovarian cysts and adhesions 

Beat chronic fatigue
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I am here to give you hope that after over 30 years of Stage IV Endometriosis (and Adenomyosis) and countless painkillers, drugs and surgeries I managed to find a natural way out of the debilitating pain and symptoms.   

The doctors and surgeons had washed their hands of me and after ending up bedridden for 2 years I was forced to look for another way.  

To find that way out I had to empower myself with full knowledge about the Endometriosis condition, what the underlying causes were and how our amazing bodies work.

Endometriosis is the most debilitating disease. Not only does it cause 'appendicitis' type chronic pain, sometimes on an endless basis, the additional symptoms can be overwhelming and leave you feeling like you walking through treacle every day.  If you answer yes to any of the questions below please do read on;

*    Do you have mild, moderate or severe Endometriosis symptoms?

*    Are you unsure if you even have Endometriosis but feel you have all the symptoms?

*    Have you have just been diagnosed with Endometriosis? 

*    Do you have severe Stage IV Endometriosis?

*    Do you have chronic abdominal period pain every month?

*    Do you have ovarian cysts/endometriomas?

*    Do you have Adenomyosis?

Which ever category you fit into my multi-modal approach aims to guide you out of a painful body into a pain-FREE body and full life.

Whilst this these 12 Step protocols and principals are not a 'Quick Fix' and do require lifestyle changes to be made to see the results, once you learn what the underlying causes are of Endometriosis (and other estrogen dominant conditions), then you can swap out or eliminate the inflammatory factors and take back charge of your body and your life.

Information, Education and Inspiration then specific ACTIONS equals sustainable results.

Your Healing Power!
A Multi-modal Holistic Approach to Healing...

What is HealEndometriosisNaturally's approach with Wendy?

HealEndometriosisNaturally with Wendy is NOT just another "how to" on alternatives.

The approach is NOT just about eating more healthily  - yet it will explain how eating in a new way will help.

It is NOT a 'quick fix'  - yet it will show you how easy it is to maintain the natural approach and get out of pain for good.

HealEndometriosisNaturally with Wendy is a Road Map to a Pain-FREE Body.

Pain is a symptom of a much bigger problem that is a little harder to see (that's the bad news), but a lot easier to soothe and heal when you know why and how (that's the good news). 

HealEndometriosisNaturally with Wendy is a road map detailing the 7 Secrets and 3 Daily Basic Principles Wendy used to heal her Endometriosis naturally after suffering Stage IV for over 33 years.

If you are sick and tired of the 'Medical Machine' of painkillers, drugs or surgery then these principles and protocols may help you out of that maze and on to the road of healing; through natural methods.

Available now on Amazon, Kindle & iBooks
*New Spanish (Latin American( Version!
Available now on Amazon, Kindle & iBooks
"I wanted to share with you that the info you shared in your book has saved me from a life of pain. 
I have been seeing great results this past month.  My doctors are even surprised!"
Joanna K (USA)
Hi, it's Wendy here. I wanted to share with you about my book called 'Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery' which is my story of how I ended 33 years of suffering severe Stage IV Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. After countless painkillers, drugs, coils and surgeries I was in a chronic state.  All the conventional medical routes had terrible side effects., left me with increased pain and Endometriosis symptoms. After my 6th operation I ended up bedridden for several years. 

The doctors and consultants had washed their hands of me. I lost my business, could not play with my children or make any plans. I became overwhelmed, bed ridden, a social recluse and I felt full of despair. 

Then one morning I woke up and realised that there had to be ANOTHER way! 

The book chronicles my journey from learning that painkillers, drugs or surgery only try and help 'manage' the symptoms; but do not address what the underlying causes are. 

When I realised that the 'body is always wanting to heal itself'', I took charge of my own healing journey. I started to become a detective and unravel the causes and triggers of my pain and what was stopping my body from healing. 

I have been pain-FREE and symptom-FREE of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis for over 2 years. I take no painkillers or drugs or coils. Menstrual cycles last 2 days, they are light, with no flooding, no clots, no bloating and no pelvic or breast pain. 

Now is your time to learn and read about 'The Road Less Travelled' to healing your body and to try and reduce and then eliminate the pain and inflammation naturally.

Get your copy of Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery now from Amazon or Kindle or iBooks and read more about what worked for me (and many women around the world) and may also work for you. 

Praise from Professionals
Dr Sally Shultz
"The book 'Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery' is very helpful to women who are suffering with Endometriosis. It is a wonderful beginning to redirect women's journey to regaining control of their health and empower themselves to reduce their pain and suffering. It will make a difference in your life and in your health."

Sally Shultz, M.D. is a retired ophthalmic surgeon who healed herself naturally from Lyme disease.  She now specialises in helping women heal Lyme disease naturally. 
TESTIMONIALS - What Women Are Saying About The Book 
'Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery'
"The Book Has Been Amazing! I knew about food but you have taught me so much about other chemicals the act like estrogen in the body! Like the study on cling wrap and when it's heated has 500,000 times the amount of xenoestrogens needed to stimulate and grow breast cancer in a test tube, i was amazed and shocked! 
It has really helped me to understand that i not only have to change what i eat, but also everything else around me, my life style! 
You have wrote an amazing book and it's so easy to read and follow.." 
- Gemma H (Australia)

"This book saved my life!"
Stacey (USA)
"Your book is incredible and I guess the first book that made me want to try to help myself. Of course I read many press articles about endometriosis but your book is a complete set of tips, a constant narration about holistic approach." 
- Monika Chroscielewska (Poland)

"I read it and I thoroughly enjoyed it!"
- Katie R (USA)

"I Couldn't Put It Down. This a great informal book and fascinating. Educated me on what the medical profession want me to do and how surgeries cause more scar tissue which causes more pain. Educated me on what I can beside surgery. and eating healthily. It was very easy to read, I couldn't put it down - I've learnt so much."
- Stacey R (USA) 

"So far working for me!"
- Tina F (USA)

"She is very good - I learned a lot..."
- Raffaella R (UK)
 "I just finished reading your awesome book".
- Beca P (USA)

"This book was like a life saver for me in many ways! I have managed to learn so many things that have lessened my pains and it's only been three weeks so far! I look forward to seeing how I am in months and years to come after following Wendy's teachings and advice in the book and from her amazing course online that I was lucky enough to join. I feel so grateful to finally have less pains and shorter periods and to know and educate myself on so many toxins and foods that I have been literally poisoning myself with over the years. I will always be indebted to have this chance to learn a new way to live and heal Endometriosis so that I can finally be able to have a life again! I am nearly 40 and feel so grateful that finally I am getting my life back again!! Thank you so much Wendy! xxx"
- Jessica L (UK)
"Really hits home. After years of suffering and almost pleading with doctors and surgeons to help me, I finally feel I know what, why and how to stop the endless cycle."
- Janet L (UK)

"I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!! It’s written so beautifully and concisely and has so much good advice. I am so grateful that you have shared all your years worth of experience with us. I am thrilled that I ordered it. It is the most comprehensive and straight forward book on options for healing endometriosis NATURALLY, that I have read to date. You will help so many women."
- Marieke M, (Namibia, Africa)

"A Must Have Book for those suffering from Endometriosis! 
I was diagnosed in 2007 with Endometriosis & have had 4 unsuccessful surgeries. I've learned so much from Wendy K Laidlaw & have been using her Healing Endometriosis Naturally tips and have already seen a huge difference in my pain levels decreasing. This book is a must have especially for those of us suffering from Endometriosis. 
- Heather K (USA)
"I love it. I started to follow many of your tips. You lit my hope."
Ewa G (Poland)

"Your book was truly inspiring."
- Lisa Marie C (UK)

"Wonderful Book... It's very interesting." 
- Alex L, (USA)

"This book is awesome! I have already started to implement some of the advice suggested  and it has helped already."
- Janette R (USA)

"I tried healing my endometriosis with modern medicine; I was not only unsuccessful, but had an exacerbation of my symptoms. I started doing my own research on how I could could heal it naturally, that's when I stumbled upon this book. It gave me hope that it could be done. I had been doing some of the things mentioned in this book, but now had more tools. This book was easy to read, makes healing endometriosis seem possible (nothing complicated) and gives you hope that you can one day be pain free. Thank you Wendy for writing such an amazing book."
- Rachel S (USA) 

"This book sheds light on diet, minerals, stomach acid issues and the test you should try at home (which was essential for me; i would have never known that on my own), getting rid of all the toxins in your environment, and much much more. Even if there are things in the book that you know about there is sooooooo much knowledge in this book that sheds a light on a lifestyle that you must change and actively live to achieve what she has. Everything in her book is all about healing but if you don't take the advice of course it won't work. I believe people need to understand that healing naturally takes time; our bodies are in a unbalanced state. It's not an over night thing. This book is great especially when just learning about endometriosis! I would recommend this book all day for any women with endometriosis to's a must!!!
- Candace G (USA)
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"Before & After Photograph of a Former Student's Lower Intestinal Track 
After 6 months of applying the Protocols & Principles laid out in Heal Endometriosis Naturally Book and completing the 12 Week Online Foundation Program"
Heal Endometriosis Naturally - 12 Week Foundation Program
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"There IS another way
- never lose hope or feel alone again!"

Wendy K Laidlaw
Wendy K Laidlaw

Medical Disclaimer

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No Advice

I am not a scientist nor a medical expert on endometriosis.  I have read and studied a great deal on the subject, particularly in nutritional therapy and psychotherapy, but by no means exhaustively. What I bring to the table is over 30 years worth of my own healing journey experiences and processes that led to full recovery from the pain and symptoms of endometriosis (and adenomyosis).  

What I describe is a multi-dimensional and pragmatic approach to recovering which worked well for me and changed my life. I am unable to make any claims for legal purposes and cannot promise it will work for every one, only that it worked for me.  Although this process may not work for everyone, I hope and pray that it works for you, as it did for me and many women around the world, so you be free of this debilitating condition. Best healing wishes, Wendy K Laidlaw.

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