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(Core Essentials)
4 Week Program
This 4 Week Program will help you 'Jump Start' and identify the core important essentials to focus on your natural healing journey. Learn through this step by step online program, group calls and Membership how to assist your body's amazing ability to heal itself.
12 Week Program 
This 'Life Changing' 12 Week Foundation Program offers practical online and 1-1 interactive support with Wendy in helping you identify the source(s) of your pain, building the essential foundations of repair and healing in your body: and your life. 
 This online program is a combination of self study webinars and group weekly 'live' support delivered through an information packed Membership site full of videos, audio & handouts.
(*Please note that some women may also require to complete the 10 Week Advanced Program depending on number of operations & conditions)
Certified Practitioner
Have you or someone close to you struggled with Endometriosis health issues? Are you a coach, therapist or health practitioner and are passionate about bringing this life-changing work to other women? 
The 9-month Practitioner training program covers women’s hormonal health, neuroscience, psychology along with essential coaching skills to bring this vital information to the women who need it most. 
Sometimes you just want to go to learn straight from the source. Wendy offers both individual personalised coaching (and business coaching) for individuals. 
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