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This Is Empowerment 
Posted on July 27th, 2020 
How To Step Away from Domestic Abuse & Emotional Mistreatment, Slowly, Safely and Securely - EndoBoss® Style.

Wendy K Laidlaw concludes her This is Domestic Abuse series.

She discusses how women can empower themselves from toxic people and slowly separate if they do believe they are in a toxic relationship.

Learn some of the top tips and tools to securely start to ensure a safe detachment and how to safely embrace emotions and feelings.

Join the empowering and impactful 21 Day Challenge and start a new EndoBoss® journey today at https://EndoBoss.com/Challenge.

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This Is Domestic Abuse - Part 2
Posted on July 13th, 2020 
Abuse Isn't Always Physical...

Wendy K Laidlaw continues with Part 2 of the 'This is Domestic Abuse' series.

Emotional mistreatment of women with Endometriosis, may often occur in the home; a place where she is supposed to feel safe and secure. 

Yet the Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimates that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 children may experience various forms of domestic abuse in their lifetime. 

Wendy continues to explain what emotional mistreatment is and how to identify it. She shares information and education for women with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis to start to increase awareness of what is acceptable and unacceptable treatment from partners and/or other people around them.  

Domestic abuse comes in many covert forms and isn’t fully appreciated how it may profoundly affect the physical health, immune system and nervous system in her body.  

This subconscious degradation on a woman’s psyche and spirit may also seriously damage her emotional health, physical health and perhaps explain some prolonged illnesses.  

Sustained unkind treatment may hinder and prevent the natural healing process in the body from occurring.

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This Is Domestic Abuse - Part 1
Posted on June 29th, 2020 
You may have heard me mention on several podcasts now that I believe, in relation to the chronic condition Endometriosis, that it is The Five P’s Poisons (Produce, Products, Property, Past & People) all combined, that makes Endometriosis such a challenging condition to put in remission, and why the conventional medical route of pain killers, drugs and surgery may aggravate and irritate the already inflamed body.

I have touched on the subject of poisonous or toxic people and their effect on others in the past and how in some extreme cases may actually affect the physical and emotional health in particular to women with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. 

The toxicity that is projected has been shown in studies to increase inflammation in the body, negatively affect hormonal levels and hinder the natural healing process.

This underground toxicity may be a partial explanation of why the conditions impact some women with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis for many years.
The Covid-19 crisis has impacted and shocked the world at large.

 Governments insisted that many communities, families and individuals were encouraged to support one another to help contain the spread of the Coronavirus.

However, in the attempt to contain the Coronavirus, governments around the world advised their populations to stay at home and/or with family.

Sadly, there is the more ugly side of the pandemic lockdown, for the many individuals who live in an abusive household. 

Targets who have had no escape from their abuser have had to endure more time contained and isolated in that toxic environment.

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Another EndoBoss® Baby Is Born!
Posted on May 10th, 2020 
Another EndoBoss® Baby is born! It is with great joy that I share how Joanna from the USA comes on to the show to introduce the birth of the beautiful Gabrielle, her 7-month-old baby girl.

Gabrielle is the baby girl that medical professionals said Joanna would never have. 

As she sits adoringly on Joanna’s knee, Joanna also shares her continued pain-free body and life as an EndoBoss®.

Joanna shared her initial success story on the EndoBoss Academy when she recorded it some 18 months ago in September 2018.

Joanna was told many times by doctors, gynaecologists and medical professionals, that after many failed IVF treatments (and dye being injected into her fallopian tubes) that she would never have a baby.

Yet Joanna’s instincts were strong and drove her to seek a different opinion and a different path. 

You may recall from her original story that after turning her back on the medical field, that treated her so poorly, she sought the help of alternative health professionals. Whilst well-meaning in their approached sadly they did not understand the complex and multi-model approach that is required to heal Endometriosis naturally. 

It was after reading my book Heal Endometriosis Naturally Without Painkillers, Drugs or Surgery that Joanna started to see some significant progress. 

So she contacted a natural medicine practitioner who prescribed a series of supplements — but sadly those supplements would reverse all her good progress, and she starts to get worse again. 

That was when Joanna decided she needed more specific support and reached out to me for a place in my online program.

Joanna’s application was accepted to join the EndoBoss® Academy and within 12 weeks started to see some significant improvements.

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Keep Calm In A Corona Virus Crisis
Posted on March 22nd, 2020
This will be an uplifting rally call to appeal to your waining spirit and soul which may be crying out for some light in a dark time.

So to reassure you, for millions of years us humans have had to overcome abject and dire situations and conditions.

Our ancestors if alive would testify to that.

We are always continually evolving and growing — and learning.

I was flying to USA in January and noticed how I was complaining to my children via facetime what terribly poor hygiene people had.

On the plane I witnessed at least 6 people coughing their lungs out and 7 people sneeze out into this plastic flying machine that was recirculating the air — now with their bacteria and water droplets in it.

What struck me the most (as a mother with 2 children I had been nagging about how ‘coughs and sneezes spread diseases’ for years) was how NONE of these people covered their noses or mouths.

The blatant disregard to the ever-evolving and resilient viruses that love this public display of poor human hygiene.

Even on the plane in January it was well known that China was in the strong wave of Corona virus getting stronger. Yet the standard safety video went on for the passengers who paid zero attention.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but foresight is better, especially when it comes to saving a life, or some pain!” William Blake said eloquently but perhaps someone with a little insight into how quickly these viruses spread, especially with world travel being so easy (or rather, it was before Corona virus), that one of the air hostesses would have stood up at the front of the plane and taught those selfish humans how to cover their noses and mouths.

Perhaps that might have delayed or prevented the worldwide spread a little.
Who knows!

What I do know is that fear is a paralysing state to be in and are not conducive to the state we find ourselves in globally.

It is of no surprise that the selfish humans that were in hiding before are displaying their abject selfishness and stockpiling ludicrous items like toilet roll! And stockpiling food and supplies that our supermarkets are having to now put controls over.

Nice normal and considerate people understand the concept of thinking about others but this pandemic is already spotlighting the selfish ones.
I read that Boris Johnstone, the British Prime Minister, has declared it a wartime approach to the country.

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